GPREIA Founder’s Letter

Posted By Jimmy Z On April 13, 2016

Title: Should You Become a Realtor if You’re a Real Estate Investor?


If there’s a question I get often, it’s this one! I wish there were an easy, across-the-board kind of answer, but there isn’t. But the good news for you is that I can still help you figure this out

Here’s Why ONE of Us Has Our Real Estate License

My wife, Marina, does the business with me, and because we’re in the business of buying, fixing, and selling (a LOT!) of houses, and because a lot of our deals come from the MLS, it just made plain sense for one of us to get the license. Not only did we make an extra $80k or so (just from our deals) last year because of her license, but when you’re a Realtor, you get access to Trend, which is our local MLS, and more information is always helpful in this business.

So…If You’re Renovating / Flipping Houses, Here’s My Advice for You

If you’re in the “fix ‘n’ flip” business, then YES, I recommend that you get your license. If you have a business partner, then only one of you needs to get licensed. You see, when you become a Realtor, you expose yourself to all sorts of (sometimes stupid) rules and regulations, and often times if you violate them you can get fined $10,000! In addition to my conscience, I for one, think that the laws of this great land result in PLENTY of rules and regulations to follow. I personally don’t like the idea of subscribing to some (largely arbitrary) set of rules that if inadvertently violated result in having to be accountable to a board of people who mistake their position as being that of God. (Perhaps you’re beginning to see why my wife (Not I) has the license between the two of us!)

But What if You’re Wholesaling Houses?

Can you legally wholesale houses without your broker being party to the transaction? Absolutely, YES! But…of the few brokers who actually understand what wholesaling is, an even smaller number of them 1) will “allow” you to do those deals (remember what I said about not wanting to be accountable to random idiots???), and 2) if allowed, most will want a cut of your wholesale fee, as though it were a standard real estate commission! Not cool!

But like I said earlier, there are advantages to having your license, so really it depends on how familiar your broker is with these kinds of deals. If you’ve decided to get your license, I strongly recommend that you have a conversation about wholesaling with your broker BEFORE signing on with him or her.

In defense of brokers who tend to squash legitimate wholesale deals like these kinds of deals are some sort of cockroach…the reality is that too many wanna-be-wholesalers really don’t have a CLUE about how to properly wholesale houses! So, if you’re aren’t 1,000% (yes, one thousand percent) certain about how to pull-off a wholesale deal legally, then you might want to get educated PRIOR to having that conversation with your broker.

The Bottom Line

If you know the rules, can abide by them, have a broker that 1) understands and is on board with wholesaling, and 2) is current on the ever-changing paperwork and laws, then I’d recommend getting your license. But be warned…as with any promise you make, you’d better be well-informed of your newly-acquired responsibilities as an agent, so you don’t accidently make a big boo-boo!


To YOUR Success,
Jim “JimmyZ” Zaspel
Founder, Greater Philadelphia REIA

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How to Get YOUR Offer Accepted

Posted By Jimmy Z On January 26, 2016

Have you ever wondered how to your offer accepted?  In today’s market you will be going up against multiple buyers.

This video shows how to make your offer rise to the top and get accepted.

Click here to see when I am speaking LIVE. Join me to learn more about making huge profits in Rehabbing Houses with NO money or credit.

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How to Get Started Rehabbing Houses

Posted By Jimmy Z On January 25, 2016

Discover the easy step by step method ANYONE can follow that we use everyday to sell our houses quickly and for high profit.

Check out this video to see just how simple it is.

I am speaking live and would love to have you join me where you can unlock the secrets to make six figures in rehabbing houses – Part Time!  Click here to learn more.

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Jim Zaspel Personal Review

Posted By Jimmy Z On January 11, 2016

As founder and leader of the Greater Philadelphia REIA and super-successful investor, I’ve had more than a few people say, in various ways, “Wow, it must be nice and easy being you, Jim, with all that money you’re making and life being so perfect!” It IS awesome being me, but it’s not easy. In fact, for most of my 20’s, it’s sucked! I recently posted the below article on social media and got an overwhelming and surprising amount of “Thank you, I needed that” kind of feedback. So…here’s your leader “Keepin’ It Real.”

Here’s Jim Zaspel…raw and un-cut…

Time for a “Keepin’ It Real” FB post. You’re probably used to seeing me post stuff about all the successes God’s blessed me with — my family, finally landing an airplane by myself, traveling all over the place, and all sorts of cool stuff going on with our real estate biz. Well…what you DON’T know is that I just spent the last hour compiling some records of debts and mistakes (bad deals I did from 2010 – 2012) that I’ve paid off in the past 24 months, mostly in 2015. $270,000 — that’s how much would-be profit it cost to pay for my past mistakes.

Money…there’s always more of it to make. I’m just glad I could pay it. What hit me this evening wasn’t the price tag of money…it was the reminder of how desperate I was for about 3 years. Desperate and broke, I should say. And sometimes desperate people do REALLY stupid stuff, or at least I did anyway. The shame, the guilt, and the pressure of owing people money was paralyzing, yet I couldn’t stop TRYING…I had no choice! I knew exactly 2 ways to make money: landscaping and real estate, and there was no way in heck I was going back to landscaping. I did that for 10 years, and my back still hurts, literally. Maybe it was the “I don’t have a choice” thing that always made me keep trying. I only wished I had faced my fears sooner, so that problems wouldn’t have compounded. Oh well, at least I learned that lesson.

Sometimes people look at successful entrepreneurs who are actually making a lot of money and get jealous, but what’s often the case, and was the case for me, is we’ve spent years being broke, lonely, stressed, and depressed TRYING to make our “dream” work. Meanwhile, in my case, sometimes I wondered how I was going to pay for the tank of gas in my car. I was afraid to go to a networking meeting because someone I owed money to might be there. Some of the private lenders that I owed money to were life-long friends of the family (who were incredibly gracious and patient…and got paid back WITH interest) — some of whom will read this. Thank you, John, Ben, Glen, and Carl. Talk about guilt and pressure!

When you’re an obnoxious jerk like I can be, people LOVE to kick you, even when you’re down. I got kicked out of the local investors group (so I started my own, and it’s now the biggest in Philly). Here we are, almost FOUR years since I’ve done a deal that left ANYONE unhappy, and to this day people still love to bad-mouth me. I can take it now, because I’m proving them that I’m better now, but a few years ago…gosh…it hurt. But I guess I deserved it. Another lesson learned.

This kind of crap affects EVERY area of your life. What a miserable person I was, and I’m so thankful for the family and VERY few friends who stuck by me. I’m so thankful that God never let me do half the stupid stuff I was tempted to do, and I’m thankful for the lessons he taught me over that time period, and I’m thankful for how he is blessing me.

If you’re reading this and you’re going through a tough time, first of all, pray to God. Next, write down your problems…all of them. Make of list of the things you’re afraid to do that will help you fix your problem…and then stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to work. If someone had made me do these things, it would’ve saved me a tremendous amount of stress.

—– End of Social media post —-

Does any of this resonate with you? What’s it going to take to get out of your rut/take life by the horns/rocket-launch your business? Need to implement that marketing campaign? Need to call that seller and negotiate that deal? Need to get the courage to call that private lender to fund a rehab deal for you?

Generally speaking, whatever it is that you’re afraid of doing is the thing that you MOST need to do, so…in the immortal words of Nike, “Just Do It!”


our Hawaiian Honeymoon!– Jim Zaspel
Founder, Greater Philadelphia

— Did you get value from this? If so, feel free to share it around!

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How to Calculate Holding Costs on Fix and Flip Real Estate Deals

Posted By Jimmy Z On December 29, 2015

When it comes to fixing and flipping houses, one of your biggest costs is your holding cost! It’s critical to the financial health of your business to know how to anticipate and budget for these costs.

Check out this video to learn how to figure exactly what your NET profit will be on a rehab deal!

To YOUR Success,
Jim “JimmyZ” Zaspel

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How to Know What Areas are Great for Flipping Houses

Posted By Jimmy Z On December 23, 2015

Obviously there’s a TON of money in the business of flipping houses. I would know, my wife and I did 40 houses in 2015. But, some areas are good, and some areas suck when it comes to rehabbing and selling houses. Watch this training to learn what areas are great for rehabbing!

Wanna learn more? Check out this upcoming webinar where I (Jim Zaspel) will spend about 75 minutes going DEEP on the 5 critical keys to rehabbing houses the right way. Here’s the webinar

To YOUR Success,
Jim “JimmyZ” Zaspel

P.S. — When you register for this webinar, I’ll send you a few more valuable video trainings that’ll rock your world! Register HERE

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should you start wholesaling or rehabbing houses

Posted By Jimmy Z On

Are you looking to get started investing in real estate and wondering if you should start off “wholesaling” houses OR rehabbing? That’s a question I get asked a LOT, and I’ve finally decided to give you my answer to this important question and give you my reasoning in this video.

Interested in wholesaling? Then watch this video on how to get LOTS of cash buyers.

Interested in rehabbing houses? Then watch this video to learn what areas are BEST for rehabbing houses.

If you got value from this training, then share it around!


To YOUR Success,
Jim “JimmyZ” Zaspel

P.S. – Are you in the Philly area? Then check out our local meetings HERE

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Craziest & most Important Lesson Accomplishing MORE!

Posted By Jimmy Z On September 9, 2015

Are You Tired of FAILING to Accomplish Your New Year’s Goals?

I’ve set and accomplished a LOT of goals, but I’ve also failed to accomplish even more goals than I’ve accomplished, and here’s why: My life and businesses lacked the proper momentum needed to accomplish those goals!
Check out this Video that Will Show You a Secret & Ninja Strategy for Accomplishing MORE than You’ve Ever Done Before:



If this provided value to you, then feel free to share it around!

To YOUR Success,
Jim “JimmyZ” Zaspel

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Here’s How to Avoid Double-Transfer Taxes in Pennsylvania!

Posted By Jimmy Z On July 15, 2015

I’ve got a question for you: Have you ever wholesaled a house and then got hit with an extra set of transfer taxes at the closing table? It flat-out SUCKS to see your profit vanish away! I know I’ve been hit with this, and if I’d known from Day-1 what I’m about to show you in this video, then it would’ve made me tens of thousands! Click below to watch and learn:


Thanks for watching, and if you get some value from this video, then please share it around on social media!

To YOUR Success,
Jim “JimmyZ” Zaspel

P.S. – If you want more valuable information like this but in a LIVE environment, then click HERE and see when our next meeting is!






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Jim Zaspel’s 5 tips for Accomplishing BIG Changes

Posted By Jimmy Z On July 10, 2015

Have you ever wondered how in the world you were going to accomplish your goals? How about a MONUMENTAL shift in your business? Well, in the video below, I share with you how my wife and I increased out income by 1,000% percent (yes, 10x) in just one year.

If you got some value from this video, then please use the social share buttons to share it around!

I sincerely trust that the tips I shared in this video help you accomplish more than every thought possible!

If you’d like to get more of my training videos (especially real estate-related), then click HERE


To YOUR Success,
Jim “JimmyZ” Zaspel

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