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5 Kind Of Houses To Never Buy When Investing In Real Estate In Philadelphia
There’s nothing quite like experience when it comes to separating good deals from bad deals. I can speak from personal experience when I tell you there are FIVE kinds of
One Person Can Only Look at So Many Houses Per Day, So Here’s How We Started Working Less and Making
Realtor: “Hey Jim, I can go see the property at 2pm today, does that work for you?” Me: “Nope, I’m booked the rest of the day. How does tomorrow morning
After Getting REALLY Tired of Spending Tons of Time Calculating Offers, I Gave my Assistant this One Tool that Gave
Sometimes we feel silly when we look back at how we used to do things, don’t we? I can’t imagine being tied down with having to calculate offers by hand….by
After Blowing $12k on this Rehab, I said, “Enough is Enough,” and Here’s How I Prevented it from EVER Happening
Have you ever made a mistake? Of course…we all have! Have you ever made the same or similar mistake more than once? Me too, and here’s the story of the
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